Indian actor Nithin Kumar Reddy Quotes Famous Dialogue And HD Photos

Indian actor Nithin Kumar Reddy Quotes, Nithin is a renowned Telugu actor. He is known for his superb performances and dialogue in A Aa, Ishq, Hero, Jayam, Sye, Heart Attack, Akhil, Drona, Tambaram, Agyaat, and Maaro, Allari Bullodu, etc. Nithin Kumar Reddy Motivational Quotes Most Memorable Dialogues Of Nithin Kumar Reddy. Famous Dialogue And HD Photos

Nithin Kumar Reddy Quotes

indian actor nithin quotes in Hindi

Mega’s mega acceptable garbage. ~ Nithin Kumar Reddy


We met in the rainy season, fell in love in the winter, and parted in the summer.


‘I don’t waste my time on what has passed. I do remember him.


‘Both success and failure are part of life. Both are not permanent.

Vinesh Antani,Gujarati novelist

‘My biggest achievement is that I can bring smiles to people’s faces just by my presence.’


‘Some of my films were unsuccessful but I learned a lot from them, my failures matter a lot in my success.’


‘I do what feels right to me. I am not afraid to take a new path and take risks.

Famous Dialogue And HD Photos

Famous Dialogue And HD Photos

There is no such thing as talent, but there is such a thing as lack of talent. Talent is lacking when a person is not in the right place.


‘Man makes his own way. My father tried to guide me in the best possible way but I became what I wanted to be.


‘Alive are those who collide with death. Worse than the dead are those who are afraid of death.


‘I ran the race of my life alone and came second. No human should be number one because the place is the least at the height.’

Indian actor Nithin Kumar Reddy Quotes

‘I am free to do whatever I want to do.’


‘Prepare your mind to do well in everything.’


‘If you believe in something, you will find some reason or the other to do it.’

Indian actor Nithin quotes

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‘I think it’s better to feel good inside than to look good.’


‘Focus on those who do not rejoice at your victory.’


‘Work until your bank balance looks like a phone number.’

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Those who do not trust you today, one day they will go on telling the world how they met you.


You can close your eyes to not see what you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart if you don’t want to feel.


There are four such important questions in life, what is holy, what is our soul made of, what is it that makes us worthy of it, and what is it that makes us worthy of dying. There is only one answer to every question, and that is “love”.

Telugu Actor Nitin Kumar Reddy

I love taking risks to try new things. I am very excited whether it will work or else it will make me fall on my face.


If you love two men, then always choose the second man, because if you really loved the first man, you would not have fallen in love with the second man.

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Laughter as long as you are breathing, and love as much as you have for the rest of your life.


Just go ahead, don’t think who thinks what. Do what you need to do for yourself.


We have all stumbled on our own path. No one is perfect in this world. I think each one of us must have spoiled the situation in our time.

Indian actor Nithin quotes in Hindi

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प्यार अँधा नहीं होता. बल्कि आप प्यार में वह सब देख पाते है जो बाकि लोग नहीं देख पा रहे.


मै उन लोगोंसे बहुत मोहित हो जाता हु जो खुदको आम बताते है, क्योकि मुझे उनमे कुछ अलग काबिलियत नजर आती है.


याद रखना हमेशा, जब आप सचमुच कोई महत्वपूर्ण काम कर रहे होते हो, तब आपको अपका शरीर बीमार पड़ने नहीं देता.

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अगर आपको आपके मौत के बारे में पहलेसि ही बता दिया जाये तो जिंदगी का कोई मजा नहीं रहता.


जिंदगी जिनमे तभी मजा आता है जब हमें हमारे मौत के बारे में कुछ पता नहीं होता.


मुझे लगता है की जब हम कोई काम कर रहे हो तो हमें उसका पूरा आनंद लेना चाहिए.

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मुझे तब बड़ा मजा आता है, जब script पढ़ते समय वह सारे पात्र मेरा दिमाग अपने आप बना लेता है.


अगर आपका दिन बुरा जाये तो चैन की सांस लो, क्योकि याद रखना की आपका दिन बुरा था नाकि आपकी जिंदगी.


मुझमे ऐसा कुछ है जो मुझे हमेशा आसान काम करने से रोकता है.

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संगीत हमारे भावनाओंको छू लेता है, जहा शब्द कभी नहीं पहुँच सकते.


मेरा शरीर एक किताब है और मेरे Tatoos उसकी कहानी.


मुझे लगता है की हम सभी अजीब है, और हमें खुश होना चाहिए की हम एक इंसान अजीब है.


इस कुदरत में सिर्फ एक ही जानवर है जो आप पे खुला प्यार का इजहार करता है, वह है Dog.

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