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Otto Hahn About :- Otto Hahn was a German chemist, and a pioneer in the fields of radioactivity and radiochemistry. Hahn is referred to as the father of nuclear chemistry. Hahn and Lise Meitner discovered radioactive isotopes of radium, thorium, protactinium and uranium. Wikipedia

Born: 8 March 1879, Frankfurt, Germany
Died: 28 July 1968, Göttingen, Germany
Spouse: Edith Junghans (m. 1913–1968)
Awards: Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Enrico Fermi Award, MORE
Children: Hanno Hahn
Education: Philipps-University Marburg (1897–1901), Humboldt University of Berlin

Otto Hahn famous quotes

“Life need not be easy, provided only that it is not empty.”

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“You must not blame us scientists for the use which war technicians have put our discoveries.”

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I felt profoundly ashamed, I was very much upset.

otto hahn famous quotes

At first the English were very surprised by our disregarding the Hague Convention. But from 1916 onward they used at least as much poison as we did.

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I knew that the Hague Convention prohibited the use of poison in war. I didn’t know the details of the terms of the Convention, but I did know of that prohibition.

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“Science makes people reach for truth and objectivity; it teaches people to accept reality, with wonder and admiration, not to mention the deep awe and joy that the natural order of things brings to the true scientist.”

Otto hahn HD Quotes Stetus

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